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Why London School of Economics Preferred To Launch A Crypto-Focused Course?

Why London School of Economics Preferred To Launch A Crypto-Focused Course?

The world is steadily moving towards the digital transactions and digital economy. Therefore, it is quite natural for any global educational institution to take advantage of growing importance given to a specific sector and bridge the gap between demand and supply. That appears to have motivated the London School of Economics (LSE) to introduce “Cryptocurrency Investment and Disruption” course. Though it is not the only institution to offer a course on the subject, its entry into it cannot be ignored totally.

Learning Hours

The LSE is one of the leaders of academic institutions as far as higher education in the world is concerned, reported. The institution is offering the course for a fee of £1,800 for approximately sixty hours of learning on the cryptocurrencies investment and disruption. This is an online certificate course led by Information Systems and Innovation’s Associate professor, Carsten Sorensen. Obviously, the institution does not want to lag behind others in offering the course since others have already started offering classes on crypto.

For instance, Universities of Cambridge, Georgetown, Stanford, Wharton, NYU, Northwestern, and others have been engaged in providing courses on digital currencies or blockchain technology. One of the salient features of the LSE’s crypto education offering is that it is quite accessible since it is not seeking any prerequisites for the perspective to join the course. Also, the cost cannot be termed as unreasonable totally. The institution indicated that it would commence the course from August 14 and would complete the course in six weeks’ time. This excluded orientation and a commitment of about 7 – 10 hours a week.

Significantly, the United Kingdom CPD Certification Service has also certified the course thus boosting the chances of luring prospective people. The institution has also explained the objective behind in its latest offering on crypto pointing out that its aim has always been to ‘understand the causes of things.’  This is a clear reference to the ongoing importance attached to the virtual currency market.

The LSE said, “This online certificate course pair’s practical crypto asset knowledge with the theoretical thought leadership for which LSE is renowned.” The institution seems to be focusing more on practical investments if the classes listed are of any indication. This included the way the interaction with any digital currency exchanges and the usage of wallets apart from assessing initial coin offerings (ICOs) through an analysis.

Shape the Future

Another motive of the course is to enable students to explore how digital coins could shape the future of money apart from industries and markets. The course’s objective is to offer every kind of knowledge, information, and regulations in respect of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies. These are required for students to understand not only the operations of the exchanges but also the repercussions for the businesses, as well as, the economy.

At the same time, the LSE has made it clear that it would not provide any investment advice on any digital currency or of any other nature. This meant that the institution wants to remain on the safe side as the market is going through a difficult phase.

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