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Invictus Capital Endeavors To Become Cryptocurrencies Vanguard

Invictus Capital Endeavors To Become Cryptocurrencies Vanguard

Invictus Capital is trying to buck the growing opinion of a cryptocurrency bubble and focuses itself on endeavoring to become a vanguard for digital coins. The company aims to do it through a set of investments and fund options to attract those seeking diversified exposures in the virtual asset market. This is more like an index-based one or a basket of frontline crypto coins to avoid being caught with selected instruments. This assumes significance since the market cap of the digital currency plunged more than half from its peak seen last year.

Managing Investment Funds

Invictus is motivated to manage investment funds based on virtual currencies through cost-effective measures to mitigate emotion and bias in the sector. This is quite evident when it launched an initial coin offering (ICO) that was termed as “CRYPTO20” last year. This was regarded as the first of its kind throughout the globe since it is an index fund. This meant the fund would track the top 20 digital currencies by virtue of market capitalization. As a result, funds are invested in the best levels of the virtual asset market.

This has enabled investors to participate in the fund through C20 tokens, which is a single instrument. The parameters of the fund are maximized through not only data science but also from the claims of fund managers about relevant airdrops and forks apart from having a stake in DASH and NEO. The parameters include a number of coins, asset capitalization, and frequent rebalancing since these metrics add value to the fund. The fees charged by it is only 0.5 percent per year compared to the average 2 – 3 percent of the industry.

Significantly, Invictus claimed that the CRYPTO20 fund had outperformed the overall virtual currency market and Bitcoin or BTC until now, reported. The second key event is the Hyperion Fund that closed in May generating about $11 million from more than 4,500 backers. The fund leverages the syndication power and its tactical value to make easy access to investment opportunities for sale privately.

The company has designed Hyperion to offer not only diversified but also the initial stage of investment opportunities associated with blockchain technology. The fund aims to do this through tactical alliances with some of the visionaries and most talented entrepreneurs on the blockchain. The objective is to help them financially and offer the required connectivity to deliver successful ICOs.

Four Public Investments

Encouraged by its values, Invictus is now on course of moving ahead with four public investments through NOIA Network, Lightstreams, Gamedex and DAV Network. The company’s co-founder and CEO, Daniel Schwartzkopff, has been in the news for outperforming the overall crypto trend. He remained optimistic about the digital coin sector while replying to a question whether ambiguity in the market has impacted its tactical direction.

The CEO summed up by saying, “In terms of the fundamentals (i.e., the technology, use cases and regulatory environment), there is far less uncertainty than there was at the price peak. In fact, the decrease in hype and ‘extreme visibility’ of blockchain projects has afforded developers the opportunity to get back to the real task at hand, which is to bring a nascent technology to the real world.”

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